2016 Rules

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2016 Rules


Playing Rules– All tournament games will be played by Major League Baseball rules except where variances occur under our tournament rules.

Game Times– All games will 7 innings or 1 hour and 45 minutes. No inning will start after the time has elapsed. A new inning starts when the 3rd out is made. Mercy rules still apply to Championship games.

Mercy Rules-

  • 15 run lead after 2 innings
  • 12 run lead after 3 innings
  • 10 run lead after 4 innings
  • 8 run lead after 5 innings

No Pitching Restrictions – It’s the responsibility of the coach to make sure they are not abusing a player by throwing too many innings in the tournament.

Courtesy Runner – The pitcher and catcher of record can be run for at any time. If batting your roster the courtesy runner must be the last batted out. If you have substitutes you would use one of them for the courtesy runner.

Lineups – 

  • Bat Roster- Free Substitution
  • Bat 10 with EH- Free Substitution among those 10 players
  • Bat 9 –DH for the pitcher can be used

If a player is ejected from game their spot in the lineup will be an automatic out if you have no substitutes.

If a player is sick or injured their spot in the lineup will be skipped over if you have no substitutes.

Contact/Slide Rule – No Mandatory Slide Rule but the runner needs to avoid contact. Malicious contact is an automatic ejection of the player. Runners that fail to avoid contact may be called out.

Refund Policy –

  • 0 Games Played 100% Refund
  • 1 Game Played   50% Refund
  • 2 Games Played 20% Refund

An official game will be after 4 innings or 3.5 innings if the home team is in the lead.

Forfeits- A team will forfeit if they have less than 8 players 15 min after scheduled start time. Please be at your field at least 30 minutes before start time because games can start early. A forfeit results in a 7-0 win for the opposing team.

Tiebreaker Rules-Ties in standing are broken by:

  1. Head to Head Competition
  2. Fewest Rules allowed
  3. Runs Differential
  4. Runs Scored
  5. Coin Flip

Pitching and Base Distances

9u- 45/65

10u- 45/65

11u- 50/70

12u- 50/70

13u- 54/80

14u- 60.6/90

15u- 60.6/90

Bat Restrictions-Aluminum and composite bats with BPF, USSSA or BBCOR stamp and wood bats are permitted in all divisions. 15u-18u bats must be -3 and be BBCOR or wood bat.

Determining Home Team

  1. Home team will be determined by a coin flip at home plate during ground rules
  2. In the Championship rounds the higher seed is the home team

Protests-Upon a protest the manager shall remit $100. If the protest is upheld the $100 shall be immediately refunded.

The tournament director or designee will immediately rule on the protest.

Metal Cleats- Are allowed for 13u-18u divisions. Metal cleats are not allowed on portable mounds at the 13u level.

9U Rule Exceptions

  1. No stealing home unless a play is being made at any base.
  2. No dropped third strike
  3. One balk warning for each pitcher
  4. 7 runs per inning Maximum
  5. The infield fly rule is not in effect

No Food or Drink Brought into C&H Park

C&H Park has a great concessions stand that includes beer. Please make sure your families do not bring in their own food and drink. You may have a team cooler for your players.

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